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We invite you to become a Percy Grainger Society Volunteer

Volunteering at the Grainger House gives me a chance to serve the local communityI love this house and its historic mission!' Suzanne Hoch, Collections Volunteer

The Percy Grainger House is essentially a time capsule, a snapshot of life as lived in the early twentieth century. Percy Grainger, and his mother, Rose Grainger, moved in during May, 1921. It became home base for the Grainger family (Percy married Ella in 1928) for the next fifty-eight years. Many of the rooms are unchanged and reflect the taste, customs, and interests of this eclectic (some might say eccentric) family.

As the Graingers settled in through the decades, they gathered day-to-day items (sewing baskets and shoe polish kits) while collecting souvenirs during their travels (Chinese hanging bells and native American woven baskets). Each family member added dozens of self-created works-of-arts and quirky inventions (Ella’s ceramic tiles, Percy’s water colors crafted into sheet music covers), storing items in fire-proof basement vaults or attic boxes. Many treasures remain where the Graingers placed them.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1890’s house has served many purposes over the years for the Graingers, as well as their guests. Today, volunteers are organizing, interpreting and re-creating the Grainger story as it unfolds discovery-by-discovery. Each object and each room tells its own story and offers its own insights into this fascinating family.

Our volunteers help in many ways, from projects in the house to promoting Grainger's music and legacy. Some volunteers take on very specific jobs that meet their individual interests and expertise, but most volunteers are engaged in one of these areas:

Here, a docent explains how the Graingers lived and worked at 7 Cromwell Place. This photo captures a visiting school band, but most tours are much smaller, giving docents a chance to get to know and talk with visitors individually

  • Docents (virtual in process). If you live in the White Plains area, one of the most exciting volunteer opportunities is to share the Grainger House and legacy with visitors. We have a steady stream of visitors, especially during the summer (tours are usually arranged on Wednesdays or Sunday afternoons). You’ll meet history enthusiasts as well as Grainger fans from far and near, some of whom are making a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to see how the maestro lived and worked.
  • Events (Currently on hold). Help us with our local events and programs! Past examples include recitals at the house, gardening projects and lectures at both 7 Cromwell and the White Plains Library.

  • Collection Explorer. We often find an item and say: What is this? Where did it come from? Why was Percy Grainger (or Rose or Ella) interested in this item? Help answer these questions, or at least move us closer to an answer. You can research items, their use, history, or source. We would welcome a blog post, email, or explanation of what you have found. So would our visitors.
  • Collection Recorder. Have a special interest in learning more about the collection? Help us record it in our virtual system and share parts of the collection with our world-wide audience.

You can become a valuable part of our team—even from afar! No prior volunteer experience is necessary—just enthusiasm, dedication, and an avid interest in our activities and programs. 

Please complete the Volunteer Application form below.

7 Cromwell Place, White Plains, NY 10601


Tel: (914) 281-1610

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